Money utilized since the 9/11

Compose a 250 words essay on Write a ONE-PAGE , including a brief summary in the first half and your reflection in the second half. The questions asked is whether the huge amount of money utilized since the 9/11 has been utilized well to curb terrorists and protect the life of the people in the United States of America (Hale, 3). Dana Priest traces the journey from the September 11 bombing to the Boston Marathon bombing as well as investigates the efforts taken by the federal agencies tasked with the mandate of keeping the citizens safe during the twelve years of battle against terrorism. The movie outlines the governments developed after the 9/11 for the purpose of preventing future attacks and hunting terrorism.The second video is about the Rise of ISIS. Martin Smith investigates the mistakes and the miscalculations behind the brutal rise of ISIS even after the final departure of the American troop from Iraq in 2011. The video is a fast flowing and dense narrative focused on the failure of the Shiite-led Iraq government to share power with the Sunni minority and failure of the United States government to act when the Sunni militant exploited the available situation for their own gain. The blame is quite directed on president Obama and the former Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al Maliki. It is only Martin Dempsey, the Joint chief of Staff’s chairman, who speaks in defense of the government and the Obama administration (Fuchis, 4). The interview is accompanied by a flood of images that will have numbing and mesmerizing effect. It shows bombings, steady montage of protests, disturbing militant video of serial executions as well as battle footage.Basing on the first video footage, I believe that the government has made numerous steps in controlling frequent terrorist attack following the September 11 bombing on the US soil. Despite the efforts done to combat terrorism, the government was not prepared during the second Boston attack (Fuchis, 4). The Boston marathon attack has raised so many questions on whether the government has done enough following

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