Mock Therapy session/Transcipt

Write an article on Mock Therapy session/Transcipt. It needs to be at least 750 words. Throughout the interview, client seemed to be upset and emotional. Client however responded positively and openly to the questions. The questions were presented both in open ended and close ended form.The goal of this interview was to empathize with the client, help them to be self-aware about their feelings and to help them to trust in themselves (pg 8 and 9). This was the first session and therefore the three goals have been set accordingly.As a therapist, my role was to be a listener and to empathize with the client. Throughout the interview, I decided to ask few questions that helped the client to open-up and share some of her pain. The questions were directed as follows: What is your name? Are you working or studying? You seem to be upset. will you like to share the details with me? I did not choose to ask the case history as the client seemed to be very upset. I decided to help the client to calm herself down and at the same time be sensitive to her present need.Client: I have been dating Mark ( name changed) for six years. He was suppose to propose me in December. All of a sudden, some few months back, Mark seemed so different. He was being rude to me…(sobs). He started to humiliate me in the public and never feels sorry about it. Last week we had a heated argument in which Mark broke up with me and said, “I do not want to see your face ever” Good bye.Me: I understand that this seems like a big burden that you are carrying right now. I understand how worthless you are feeling. However, you know that there is other side to the coin. By processing this information to me and being honest about it, you have taken a leap of faith to fight this out.I have tried to utilize the information given by David Mearns and Brian Thorne to help client Christine in the first session. This was an effective exercise for me too, as I have learned the skills of empathy and being a good listener.

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