Millennials’ use of social media

Essay Prompt”To what degree do you believe Millennials’ use of social media and texting intensifies the human disconnect that drives them to seek affirmation through social media and texting in the first place? And what roles do society at large and Millennials themselves play in this? If it is human disconnect that drives Millennials to social media and texting for comfort, what role does society at large, including older generations, play in this issue? Also, if use of social media and texting is chemically addictive, releasing dopamine in the brain for a natural “high”, is it even possible to interrupt the relationship between Millennials and social media and texting?

Running head: THE MILLENNIAL CONCEPT The Millennial ConceptStudents Name:Institution:Date: 1 THE MILLENNIAL CONCEPT 2 The Millennial Concept…..

(Continuation)… As to per the research,…

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