Methodology and procedures

Methodology and procedures 4.1. Data collectionSurvey methods will be use to complete the reasech through self-reported questionnaires created with google form.  The target group of this research and therefore the participants who are going to participate in the experiment and questionnaire are both males and females aged 20 – 25. They live independently and they understanding the meaning of colors. This target group is exposed to a lot of color screen on different platform. The target group lives anywhere in north of Leeuwarden and their occupation is basically student. The target group will be presented with customized gadget with Pokémon go installed on it. This screen will be either in black and white or in color and they will play the game for the maximum of 30 minutes. Afterwards they will have to answer certain questions about the color screen and black and white screen and also about their intention to play the game after seeing the screen using mood measuring scale( Desmet, P. M., Vastenburg, M. H., & Romero, N. 2016). See Appendix. In order to perform the research in a proper manner, a questionnaire will be created and an experiment will be conducted to test the hypotheses.  We will randomly assign individual into groups, group A and group B. Group A receive B& W screen and group B recieve color sceen. Participants then had to answer questions about the game they play  at their convinent time. The participants were reached out to online, as the questionnaires were published in Google Forms. The data of these questionnaires will be collected and analyzed in SPSS. Within SPSS a chi-square test will be made in order to test the hypothesis. In addition, Excel will be used to create bar charts in order to get some more insights on the answers of the participants (Baarda, 2014). ProcedureThe random sampling will be using among the target group male and female between ages 20-25 years old. Random sample was recommend in which each individual in the population has an equal probability of being selected. 100 participants will be randomly selected 50% male and 50% female. During the design of the experiment the read, compare, randomize and repeat technique will be used and PICO will not left out.PICOPopulation – Male and Female aged between  20 – 25 basically student Intervention- A black and white screen gadgets with Pokémon go installedControl -A colored screen gadget with Pokémon go installedOutcome -Intention to play

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