Markets AIBO to US and Japan

Write an argumentative essay on Which Markets AIBO Can Look for as Alternatives to US and Japan Markets. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.Consolidating information from all the above sources, following are the features of AIBO which can be built in addition to the present features – 1. AIBO Facial Recognition – it would be very useful if AIBO is able to recognize its owner’s face. As of the date of the case, AIBO did not have facial recognition features. Users would find it more delightful if AIBO would recognize its owners face and express delight just as the actual dogs or puppies do. 2. AIBO Voice Recognition – similar to face recognition, AIBO owners would also find it very delightful if their robopet would recognize their voice and respond accordingly. This would really delight the users. 3. AIBO Self Battery Recharge – there have been questions raised by AIBO owners (AIBO FAQs if AIBO can detect by itself if its battery needs recharge and would go and plug itself in order to recharge itself. This would remove the last bit of dependency of AIBO on its owner. Possibly this can be done by having the battery recharge through its legs which could connect to a docking station and connect itself for recharge. 4. AIBO Newspaper Collection – AIBO can try to make its habits as close to the actual pet dogs as possible. Many US dog owners have a habit of their pets fetching the morning newspapers. As an added “utility” expected by US consumers, this can be a very relevant functionality. There can be specially designed AIBO newspaper port where the newspapers would be dropped by the newspaper vendor. This can trigger an automatic detection by AIBO who can go to the port and fetch the newspaper for its owner. 5. AIBO Object Transportation – similar to AIBO newspaper collection, an additional utility can be added for AIBO where AIBO can pick small objects and drop it at the place in the house as suggested by the owner. 6. AIBO Intrusion Detection – as an actual dog many times serves as a watch dog at night and alerts the owners by barking, AIBO should be programmed as an intrusion detection system and if there is a housebreak, then it can detect movement and sound off a siren as well as give the burglar an electric shock or so, thereby preventing theft.

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