Lone Wolf Terrorism and National Security

Need an argumentative essay on Lone Wolf Terrorism and National Security. Needs to be 10 pages. A security officer died in that incidence. In early 2010, a protestor flew a plane into an office of IRS in Austin, Texas, injuring 13 bystanders and killing himself.2009’S Christmas Day attempt to fell a jetliner using a bomb and a 2000 failed car bombing in Times Square were allegedly done by one person. In addition, the following incidents were connected to a single person, a 2010 effort to bomb New York subway lines, a plot in 2010 to blow up the residence of former president George W. Bush in Dallas, the shooting of Congresswoman for Arizona, and some of her followers in Tucson, and an attempt by a bomber to blow himself up in 2012 inside the building. The episodes have created serious concern at the top of the political order, and the apparent threat of unrelated terrorism has prompted crucial changes in requirements for hindering its occurrence, which include the beginning of a “lone wolf provision”. The provision was introduced into the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of America.The phrase ‘lone wolf’ was made popular in the 1990s by white supremacists Alex Curtis and Tom Metzger in order to encourage other racists to take action alone for security&nbsp.reasons when performing violent crimes. Other phrases used to depict similar types of political violence are ‘leaderless resistance’, ‘freelance terrorism’ and ‘individual terrorism’. In modern days, the media and US law enforcement agencies use the term “lone wolf” to refer to people undertaking brutal terrorist acts outside an authority structure. The lone wolf operates to advance the philosophical or ideological faiths of an extremist group (Michael, 2012). The lone wolf methods and tactics are directed on their own. In many cases, a lone wolf never has contact with any group they have links with.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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