Journal of reading and interpreting Poetry

Submit a 250 words essay on the topic English(Literature) Journal of reading and interpreting Poetry.This shows how poets can be able to use other words without using their literal meaning.Looking up at the use of words and their cultural context in the poem has made me understand the subject matter. It makes one realize and appreciate the role played by others in the society. Working in groups made the task much easier since team work is evident. The important issue is that while working together every group member is supportive. This made it easier to understand the foreign language in the sense of pronunciation and meanings since some group members were well conversant with the foreign language and the words in use.The effort we used as a group in the poems in depth was much less than when we would have used individually. This reading exercise has proved to be vital towards students leaning and practice, in the sense that students feel encouraged learning in this manner compared to when they are on their own.The poem Alabama drew my feeling and emotions, the poem tackles two different issue at the same time. I am touched by the role played by fire fighters, cooks and soldier during the 9/11 attacks and the immigrant in the United States of

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