Journal of Korean film Bedevilled

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Journal of Korean film Bedevilled (2010).Cruelty of people, gendered violence, city and rural ways of being is remained to be the central problems that are involved into the film.It is possible to highlight two basic figures in the film that develop a plot and action. These are considered to be women those names are Hae-won and Pong-nam (Cho, 139-140). They have different characters and different faiths, but they both are presupposed to cruelty to some extent.

The first one is represented as a cold lady with a severe and even brutal character. She works in a bank, lives in a big city, but is tired from all of this. She is used to behave impertinent and rude with all people around her. The moment that she becomes a witness of a crime and does nothing for the help of unfortunate woman proves the indifference and cruelty of her soul. Even when Hae-won’s old friend asks for the help she refuses despite the fact that she has been willing to provide it.

The second woman represents the images of victim and murderer. This woman lives in a rural landscape and suffers from sexploitation and other bullying from people around her. Moreover, that is considered to be her husband, brothers and old women. Her soul is full of pain and infliction. Still, the patience of Pong-nam comes to an end when she loses her daughter and gets a refusal to save her from this hell. Since this moment Pong-nam becomes a murder. The thirst for revenge seizes this woman and she starts to requite for all pain that has been inflicted to her.

In addition, it is relevant to admit the contrast between the settings that are represented in the film. The plot of “Bedevilled” develops in a huge city Seoul and rural place Moodo. Through these images it is possible to parallel civilized society and uncivilized one. City is viewed as a place where people can earn a lot of money and live better, while countryside is represented as a terrible and awful…..

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