Is Homelessness in Britain

Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Is Homelessness in Britain a Predominantly Youth Problem. Establishing the percentage of homeless youth who are care leavers, products of “problem families” (Welshman, 1996: p. 447), members of marginalised minority groups and victims of unemployment/economic circumstances. Within the context of the current research, and following exploration of various research methodologies and approaches, the researcher has determined the utilisation of all of the exploratory, descriptive and explanatory approaches. In addition, the research shall combine between the positivist and the phenomenological approaches and, between the quantitative and qualitative, within a deductive framework. In specific reference to the research strategy, data shall be collected both through a desk-based, library-research approach and a survey method. Sources for the former shall primarily be books, scholarly journals and government papers on homelessness among youth in the United Kingdom. As regards the latter, semi-structured interviews shall be carried out with an, as yet, an undetermined number of homeless youth in the Luton Borough area. As a means of establishing the reliability of the research findings, which Sekeran (2003) defines as integral to any research activity, the researcher shall utilise construct validity tools. As Saunders et al. (2000) explain, construct validity entails the establishment of accurate operational measurements for the research’s core concept. This is done by establishing a chain of evidence throughout the data collection process. by verifying key information through the use of multiple sources of information. and by presented informants with a draft of the study for review. As may have been deduced from the above, the research shall adopt a mixed methodological approach. The selection of the aforementioned and above explained methodology was imposed upon the research by the nature of the phenomenon under investigation, the multi-layered nature of the research problem and the imperatives of satisfying the study’s diverse, but interrelated, objectives.Barn, R. (2001) Black youth on the margins: A research review. York, JRF. There is an inarguable gap in the literature on homelessness among ethnic minority groups in Britain. a fact which makes barn’s study all the more valuable.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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