International Marketing Plan

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses International Marketing Plan.As this continued, it broke down the units that were used for the manufacturing process and allowed new businesses to come in. The result was openness in the economy for multinational businesses and new levels of self – expression that were included in the Chinese culture (Donnithorne, 605, 2002). The trends in Shanghai have continued with this with different approaches to culture through statements related to culture, prestige and social status. Examining the launch of Gini and Jony, Indian kids wear manufacturer, can provide further insight into the trends and market that the manufacturer can expand into with the Chinese market.Gini and Jony is one of the top brands in India for children’s wear and continues to provide new trends in the textile industry. Currently, the textile manufacturer provides several different brands of clothing, all which are designed from trends that are a part of kid’s fashion. Some brands include the Happy Style, Jeans, summer clothing and baby wear. There are also international brands that have affiliate agreements with Gini and Jony and are offered in different store locations, including the United Colors of Benetton, Levis and Puma. The main focus of the store is to offer the top ten brands within one location for children. From the several brands that are offered, is the store names of “Freedom Fashion,” which is designed to provide new looks and trends that children can enjoy. All of the textiles that are offered through the company are designed with fashion statements first, specifically for children. Coordinated outfits, seasonal trends and looks that are unique to Gini and Jony are at the basis of the store and the manufacturing that is used for children’s wear (Gini and Jony,, 2010).The focus of Gini and Jony has currently led to new alternatives for expansion throughout India as well as in other areas of the globe. The company is currently

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