Inductive or empirical method

Write the following essay In a minimum of two pages explain how these essays illustrate the inductive or empirical method of discovering knowledge and how they differ from the deductive or a priori method illustrated by Thomas Aquinas’ arguments. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.lilei’s work entitled The Starry Messenger is one of the examples of a work in the early part of history that focused on the presentation of empirical evidences to be able to show the importance of a given information or knowledge. The work is a narrative form of scientific journal with story-like presentation but the evidences and observations presented are clear and even easy to replicate. Galileo’s conclusions were based on the evidences that he gathered (Galilei 3). When the said work is compared to St. Thomas Aquinas’ political writings, it is considered very different. Aquinas’s work is an example of deductive reasoning. From a particular premise, Aquinas presented examples of an idea to be able to elaborate and to prove his point. Such examples were based on other writings and literary works such as the bible which is often cited in his works (Dyson 10).Another example of a study that employed inductive reasoning is the God’s Utility Function: A Reflection of Darwin’s Wasp presented by Dawkins. The said work explored the work of Charles Darwin. Darwin’s reasoning explored the reason why humans seek knowledge, and that is because they always wanted to determine the purpose of every entity in the nature. Based on different observations he concluded that nature and other organisms operate through indifference. He presented evidences prior to the establishment of a conclusion. The major example of the indifference of nature is the use of the central nervous system of the caterpillar to grow the larva of the wasp (Dawkins 1). In Aquinas’ King of Bees, deductive reasoning is evident. Aside from the said point, the common topic of his writings is faith. In the King of Bees, the main focus is the importance of faith in politics. His views were based on leadership through faith (Dyson 10).The third work understudy is The Panda’s Thumb by Stephen Jay Gould. It explored the characteristically unique thump of the giant pandas.

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