identical electronic configurations

107-002 Examination 3 November 20, 1997 1. Which of the following ions have identical electronic configurations? 3+ Cd2+ V2+ Tc2+ Mo Re4+ Rb+ Cr A. Re4+ and Mo B. Cr3+ and V2+ C. Rb+ and Cd2+ D. V2+ and Re4+ 2. Which one of the following complex ions has no unpaired electrons? 6. Which name below is correct for the compound shown. K3[Fe(CN)6] A. potassium hexacyanoiron(III) B. tripotassium iron(III)hexacyanide C. potassium hexacyanoferrate (III) D. potassium(I) hexacyanoiron(III) 7. All the structures below (AX4Y2) exhibit octahedral geometry. One isomer is different from the other three. Which one is different? 3. If the oxidation number of platinum in the tetrachloroplatinate anion is +2, what is the oxidation number of platinum in the cation of the following compound? [Pt(NH3)4Cl2][PtCl4] A. -4 B. 0 C. +2 D. +4 4. Which one of the following pairs of hydrated ions contains two colored ions? 2+ 3+ A. Cd and Fe 2+ B. Ca and Na+ C. Cr2+ and Fe3+ D. Cd2+ and Ca2+ 5. How many unpa…

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