Hum M3 man

Compose a 250 words essay on Hum M3 man. A close analysis of Burn’s arguments on human emotions reveals that humans are in full control of their emotions.Values are the judgment of a person on what is important and what is not important in life. They are simply the standards of someone’s behavior. Unlike humans whose values are acquired from world experiences, animal values are passed from parent to offspring as animals tend to emulate what their parents do. Meanings of values are carried in most streams of emotions. Further, comparison between emotions and values reveal that emotions of different types are apprehension of values with distinctness.From self-assessment 3.4 I have a moderate cognitive empathy. This is an implication of moderate perspective taking. From self-assessment 3.5 I recorded a high emotional empathy. This is to mean that I am emotionally touched by what happens to other people. Self-assessment 2.2 portrays me as someone of high medium importance based on my values. My mood scale on self-assessment 4.4 reveals high positive energy. Generally the self-assessments portray me as someone energetic and believing so much in myself. However, I also get moved by the experiences of

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