HPV Vaccination

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses HPV Vaccination: Should it be Required or Recommended.urpose of the study, a literature review will be conducted to examine the valid health and safety reasons behind the need to recommend and require each child to receive HPV vaccination. In the process of going through the literature review, the possible adverse health effects of HPV vaccination and the involvement of the U.S. government in terms of rendering financial support to this particular health project will be tackled. Prior to conclusion, a rationale and personal reflection with regards to the need to require each child to receive HPV vaccine will be provided.The target audiences for this study is not limited to health care professionals such as doctors and nurses and medical students but also the young female population regardless of whether they are sexually active or not.There has been a controversy as to whether or not to make HPV vaccination mandatory among children because of the fact that teaching children below 18 years old might give them a wrong connotation that becoming sexually active at a very young age is acceptable. (The George Washington University Medical Center, 2007) Likewise, the issue of whether there is a need to mandate each child to receive HPV vaccination is subjected to a lot of debate considering that the market price of HPV vaccine is high (Outterson & Kesselheim, 2008). Without the financial assistance extended by the U.S. government, children belonging to the low- and middle-class families will not be able to comply with the health care requirements even if the local health care authorities implement a list of mandatory guidelines requiring each child to receive HPV vaccination.The main purpose of the study is to gather related literature review to effectively persuade the target audiences with the need to require and recommend HPV vaccination among young girls as early as nine years old. (CDC, 2008b) In line with the importance of HPV vaccine, the best way to prevent the adverse health effects of HPV infection is to

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