How to Change the Oil

Write the article on How to Change the Oil in Your Car. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Also, if the vehicle is used in moisture or in a high dirt environment replace the engine oil as dirt and moisture cause damage to the engine.Cylinder block which has a sump right under it is the place where the engine oil is located. The sump is the engine’s lowest part it is a container housing to the crankshaft. Engine oil is supplied from the sump for the lubrication and cooling of the cylinders. The lowermost point of the metal container (sump) has an oil drain plug which is situated alike in almost all typical cars to remove the entire engine oil. Likewise, to fill in the engine oil there is a cap next to the air filter known as the engine oil cap. Always remember that oil is filled in from oil cap and drained from the oil plug. The used oil is drained out during the engine oil removing process by removing the oil drain plug. As the engine oil is about to drain out, the engine oil filter needs to be replaced with a new one, it is located near the engine oil drain plug. After the oil is drained completely, refit the oil drain plug and then pour in the new engine oil from the oil cap next to the air filter. With precautions and specific guidelines, changing engine oil becomes very easy. If everything goes well any well-practiced person would be able to change the oil within fifteen minutes. Engine oil is changed from the lowermost portion of the engine, always keep in mind that the engine might also be hot and pose potential safety threats. Heated engine oil can drain out completely clearing the engine when the engine of the vehicle is still hot. Without proper safety gears never try to change the oil as the engine and its parts are hot and may cause serious burns and injuries. It is advised that the car’s engine oil should be changed in such a place where there are proper mechanisms designed and fitted to access the lowest part of the engine. As the ground clearance of almost all cars is such that an adult can barely& in, also we should not try to lift the car using a jack or by another similar technique failure of which could be fatal.&nbsp.

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