Health Care Delivery System

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Health Care Delivery System.What I find most compelling about this website is that it also provides information on Health Professions and Clinician Recruitment & Services. The mission statement under the icon Health Profession states .“Increase the populations access to health care by providing national leadership in the development, distribution and retention of a diverse, culturally competent health workforce that can adapt to the populations changing health care needs and provide the highest quality of care for all” This statement along with other provided information (such as Grants, Student Assistance Program, information on Health Professional Shortage Areas) leads me to conclude that the site also aims to attract people to enter the health care industry.There are many web sites on the internet that provide information, and the purpose of this web site is no different. What makes this web site different and more superior, and therefore, of more value to the information-seeking public is the way that the information on the site is structured and presented. The information that is most sought out after is presented clearly on the home page, making it easily accessible for anyone who seeks information ranging from health care systems to grants and other programs. The latest information concerning the US health care system, as well as the location of individual health care centers, are also easily accessible, and even though I agree with my colleague’s analysis, I must state that what I find most compelling for this web site is designed by the HRSA to represent a vital link of its goal to provide better access to health care for the population, in the modern age of technology, utilizing its maximum capacity.The FDA regulates all advertising, promotional and labeling materials as part of their effort to protect the health of the public. There are many guidelines that provide the Biotech and………

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