Golden era for soccer

Create a 6 pages paper that discusses soccer, the golden era. All these attributes have been affiliated to the beautiful game of soccer since times immemorial.“The 1960s was a golden era for soccer. Even better, it was when television coverage started to get serious, which means that 50 years later we can see the legends of the ‘60s in all their glory on our laptops.” (“Total Soccer Show: 1960s Golden Era.”) Soccer players like Pele dominated the world during the 60s and this was the era when they had reached their peak. the madness that followed with the pursuit of both playing as well as watching soccer had never been experienced before and was at its level best during this age, according to most people today. Brazil at the time had been producing some of the world’s best soccer players with beautiful tactics, making the game a complete showmanship of entertainment. Players like Garrincha also carved their niche during this era, fooling the fullbacks of the opposition despite suffering from attention deficit disorder.One of the first soccer players to embrace the status of a superstar, George Best, also made his mark on soccer during this time. thus the period being rightfully called the golden age. English clubs like Manchester United were beginning to show the world what they were really made of, and soon after followed the diligence of clubs from Arsenal to Chelsea and Liverpool to Newcastle United. Competition grew not only around the world but within countries as well. In Portugal, Brazil, Spain etc, football began to take another shape altogether. South America at the time was the hub of enjoying the sport to the fullest, even though the rest of the world was hooked onto it as well. Every country, every club, every team as well as each and every player faced his own golden era during the three to four decades following the 60s.

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