Global business and design management

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Dissertation topic for global business and design management.Basically, I am fond of figures and I have received good grades in the secondary school in science and mathematics, making me eligible to take up the degree course of global business with design management. I wish to make a career in design management.Design management is fast becoming an important concept in the business world.It is responsible for all the activities from designing the company’s logo to making the blueprint to establish the company’s first manufacturing plant and marketing department (Design Management).There are many text books and school libraries have books on design management. My college has its own curriculum in design management and they also provide resource material in this course. Besides, there is access to plenty of information on design management on the internet. However, I wish to stick close to the syllabus chosen by my college.I am new to this discipline. I have a fair idea about what design management is supposed to be. But it is difficult to write a dissertation on a subject that one is just beginning to learn. Besides, I do not have any idea about business management or engineering. These are two important disciplines for design management.I read some books on the basics of design management. I also browsed the net and got useful information from several websites. Gradually, I realized that I have some information that I could use to write on design management. Reading and browsing the net had given me important leads. I had gathered enough information on design management to write an essay about it.The job of design management is never over. The job flows from one project to another. It is a concept that has assumed the useful role combining sight and insight. It is the visualizing of the entire operation from conception to conclusion. One has to be able to obtain maximum information on a project to successfully complete its

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