GA State Family Nurse Practitioner Program

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Partaking in GA State Family Nurse Practitioner Program. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. ?Graduate admissions essay of educational and professional goals. In life, I have gone through various things. In most of the cases, I have been touched by demands of care that exist in communities. An example occurs in my neighbourhood community where there are many people in needs.

As a result, I have grown having an urge to extend a hand to the needy population.The needs in my community have motivated me to advance in my education and career goals. One of the significant things that I hope to achieve in life is to become a family nurse practitioner. I believe becoming a family nurse practitioner, I will be able to offer primary health care to patients especially those in my neighbourhoods. I believe this will lay the foundation for me to address healthcare problems that affect kids up to their adulthood.

The most interesting area I believe I will gain knowledge is on preventive health services as well as managing diseases in the level of family and community.Moreover, I have goals of advancing my studies in the field of family nurse practitioner. Hence, I have dreams of gaining a Ph.D. to perform nursing research. I believe this will be crucial in using evidence-based practice in managing some of the health care issues in families and communities. Moreover, I will be able to use knowledge in understanding ways of managing diseases in the primary care set up.

Currently, I am working as a burn ICU nurse. I believe working in this area has prepared me to work as a family nurse and community. In this area, I have managed to offer compassion and interact directly with patient and family. As a result, I have come to understand issues that face patients and families. Moreover, I have improved my assessment skills as well as how to control pain. GA State Family nurse practitioner program will be of benefit to my professional goals.

First, the program will be crucial in offering ideas on providing primary health care to families and communities. Secondly, evidence based practice in the program will help in offering optimal care especially in a changing health care environment. I will also be able to understand complex needs of the vulnerable population in the society. Hence, the program will be crucial in gaining competence.

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