Find a commercial

In your paper, address these questions:1. Use YouTube or another online video source to find a commercial that you feel provides evidence of some of the issues discussed in Ch 3. A suggestion is to search for a favorite popular product (e.g., a type of car, toy, or video game) or the name of a late night infomercial product.  A Google search for “infomercial” also turns up some common product names. In your written response:o Describe the general content of the advertisemento Is the advertisement using a central or peripheral route to persuasion, or both?  o What techniques are being used regarding the source or the nature of the communication in order to persuade?o Explain your answers using specific examples from the video to back up your ideas.  o Be sure to include the url to your video in your paper.  2. Do you ever try to persuade friends or family members to do something? How do you try to persuade them? How do they try to persuade you? Give specific examples. 3. What is emotional contagion and how does publicity produce it?4. What principles do Fox News and other media sources utilize from this chapter and how?5. How does familiarity increase liking for something (or someone)?6. What is the difference between central and peripheral routes to persuasion?

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