Exploring ideas about art

Essay on Exploring ideas about art. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Therefore, evaluating various ideas about art suffices towards having a better understanding of art as a whole.As such, one idea about art that can be gained from the Institutional theory of art is that art has a function to perform by maintaining its cultural category. Additionally, art is generally part of a larger system defined by the art world, such it is difficult for art to stand on its own without connections to its art world. When this happens, the art tends to lose its being art in the context in which it was intended by the creator. Moreover, institutionalisation of art forms the framework that enables the proper understanding of any given work of art. This approach means that art cannot be viewed as a single item, rather, it is what makes up a given institutionalised system.On the other hand, Michelle Kamhi’s A Conservative View of Aesthetics looks at the pre-existing notions given to art, and the contemporary understanding of what can be defined as being art. While the typical definition of art is based on a representational approach as highlighted by paintings and sculptures, one significant point in this reading is that art can be anything as long as it is represented by the right individual. This brings another point such that the right individual is anyone who has been associated with art for a given period of time, therefore giving them the jurisdiction to delegate ‘art-wood’ to an object. Additionally, there is the element of art having to be attached to ideas and certain attributes that are characterised as being formal. From the aidealization posited in this reading, art can mean virtually anything, and this depends only on the context in which it is presented.Nelson Goodman’s When is Art?, brings another perspective towards understanding art by demonstrating that art can be a method, object, or even a language. As a language, art is used as a form of communication or method that makes it easy for individuals to

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