Kierkegaard is the first philosopher who in his work has stated it clearly that each and every individual has the duty to give life that has a meaning and living according to one emotions. This is the reason why philosophers base their arguments on the nature of human being since they have different problems. Thus, their problems can only be addressed through nature of human being.

Existentialism is regarded as a movement if philosophy is not considered. this is based on the fact that existentialist are more known in the philosophical movements. Existentialism is influential outside philosophy for example in arts and other theories (Solomon, 2004). ).

Existentialism movements are counted to be having loose movements since though the individuals are recognized in their different works, they do not have a lot of impact on philosophy but their ideas are important.

The challenge is that existentialism as used by philosopher, it tends to be ambiguous even to existentialist for example Sartre was asked about existentialism and said that he has no idea of it. This makes other immerging existentialists to ignore and even degrade philosophical positions and thus bring other ideas that tend to be harming the work that was done early than doing well to it. This is the reason why they consider existentialism as a philosophical movement which uses different doctrines that involves individual existence in known world.

This means that their problems are known and they must be willing to carry their responsibility on free will. Their knowledge depending on their problem is not considered as a plight but must carry the responsibility being either good or bad.In the 19th century, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche were the first philosophers who contributed on existentialism theory. Though they justified their intentions on existentialism, they did not seem to support existentialism around the 20th century.

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