Ethical Perspectives

Need help with my writing homework on Ethical Perspectives. Write a 1250 word paper answering; pt different cultures, and more importantly operate within different cultures in a more successful manner that transcends all personal organizational grounds. Due to this, every global organization may be identified with one form of cultural issue or the other that they have to deal with.

Chevron is no exception when it comes to these issues of culture and globalization. At Chevron the major cultural issue that is identified has to do with cultural diversity among employees. Of the over 62,000 employees that Chevron has across the globe, close to a quarter of the number is found in the United States alone and another quarter of this is at the head quarters of the organization (Chevron, 2013).

Among the total population of employees, people have been identified to come from as many as 40 different cultural backgrounds. Even within its head office San Ramon, California, US, there are people from over 12 cultural backgrounds (Chevron, 2013). This means that cultural diversity among employees is a very huge issue that the company deals with at the local and international levels.

As it is held by Graham (2006), cultural diversity comes with a lot of ethical and social responsibilities if an organization wants to hold a very balanced status or image as a global organization. In the case of Chevron, there are specific ethical and social responsibility issues that the company must be engaged in so as to satisfy its culturally diverse workforce to ensure that the fact that employees come from different cultural backgrounds and are mostly found working under the same roof does not pose any labor related issues for the company.

At the same time, the company has ethical and social responsibilities to keep ensuring that the company is able to have a single and balanced ethical and social standard that works for its entire workforce no matter the part of the world they find themselves.

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