Essay Carbon Trust Company

Essay Carbon Trust Company. The work is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The social factors do not affect the company’s strategies. It will work the same way as it is already even if the pension funds are increasing or decreasing. It will work the same way even if the population is aging. All of these factors are not influencing the company in any major way.Markets have always been developing with the help of advanced technology every day. The basic pioneer of the operations of the Carbon Trust Company is technology as CRM plays a major part. Theagingopment of mutually beneficial longer term relationships between the companies is the basic essence of CRM. And this is what Carbon Trust is flourishing on. First the customer acquisition is the main focus of the company, and once it is over with this stage, it focuses on long term achievement for the operations of its own company and ultimately other organization.Among all the environmental factors, the climate is of major concern as it is the one on which Carbon Trust is working on. To reduce the effects of carbon on our climate and to save it from further destruction is the main aim of this company.This would include how their competitors influence the overall strategies of the company. The list of Carbon Trust competitors includes all those companies which are working for this matter. There are many areas that are enlisted for which the company is working and many small companies are also dealing in the same field.The competition takes place in the fields of wind energy, industrial energy accelerator, marine energy accelerator and biomass heat accelerator. Carbon Trust is producing various technology driven inventions that are needed to fight the competition, for example, they introduced £8m competition designed to help UK firms secure a chunk of global fuel cell market that new research estimates could be worth $180 billion a year by 2050 (Guardian, 2009).

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