Encoding system

Instructions: Due to instillation of a new encoding system, the coding department has a serious back log of charts needing to be coded. The CFO is requesting a strategic plan identifying how the back log will be caught up and stay up-to-date. There is a current back-log of 3,500 uncoded charts. There is an average of 350 discharges per day. You currently have 25 coders on staff with an average productivity of 24 charts a day. You have been authorized to bring on up to 10 consultants to help with the back-log of coding.

Create a GANTT chart, PERT chart, or timeline starting at the current state until all charts are up-to-date.

Write a proposed project plan which outlines the strategic plan including any changes that may need to be made to the coding section to maintain an up-to-date status.Create a professional memo to the CFO which provides just the highlights of the strategic plan.Submit your chart, strategic plan, and memo for grading.

Assignment Objectives:

  • Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree Domain VI. Leadership Subdomain VI.
  • A Leadership Roles
  • Section 3. Take part in effective communication through project reports, business reports and professional communications
  • Competencies: Process re-engineering and work redesign

Assignment Purpose: To create communication reports on the status of work redesign projects.

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