Effects of the tragedy in Japan

Write an essay on Effects of the tragedy in Japan. It needs to be at least 250 words.Nearly four weeks into the tragedy, efforts on still on by the local and international disaster management teams to search for the missing and identify the dead persons.The damage caused to the government and private properties and businesses is so huge that it strains one’s imagination if it can ever be reconstructed or compensated adequately.If the task of clearing the debris on and off the vast areas of coastline is daunting in itself, the massive relief and rehabilitation of a devastated population coping with the loss of loved ones can test to the limits, even the most prepared and efficient nation on earth.Compounding the tragedy is the damage to the nuclear facility at Fukushima, which has already caused unacceptable increase in radioactive contamination levels in the 20 to30 km. radial area around the plant – on land and in the sea – and this tragedy has by no means played itself out till date.To conclude, it is increasingly evident that if an earthquake/tsunami is likely to happen it would certainly happen with unpredictable ferocity. History can not be a comfortable guide to predict and design human habitations and business facilities. Rather, it should only be used to avoid unacceptable risks.Ed. “Magnitude 9.0 – Near the east coast of Honshu, Japan”. USGS Earthquake hazards program. March 11, 2011, April 8, 2011, web.

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