Eating Healthy and Heart Disease

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Eating Healthy and Heart Disease (Cause and Effect).Healthy eating and heart diseases are directly related. It is found that eating fats which are low saturated helps in reducing the risk of diseases related to heart. Changing unhealthy eating habits could help those who are already suffering from illness like high level of cholesterol. A balance of all kinds of food which means the right combination of food is necessary to maintain a healthy body. “Eating more healthy fat and fewer carbohydrates could help people control high blood pressure and raise their good cholesterol, according to a new study” (O’Leary 9).Usually fats are considered bad for the health but they are also essential ingredient in the overall wellbeing of the body. Certain studies reveal that consumption of fats that are healthy is good for maintaining good cholesterol. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates is another way of maintaining good cholesterol in the body. “The result from 164 people on different diets showed those rich in protein and good fats outperformed high – carbohydrate diets and reduced blood pressure and the risk of heart disease 20 percent. High on the list of good food was nuts, avocados and olive oil” (O’Leary 9).Diet rich in protein is proved beneficial in lowering the risk of diseases related to heart. Fish is rich in protein. Oily fishes like salmon, mackerel and pilchards have omega 3 fatty acids which are helpful in the prevention of heart diseases.Healthy food contains a lower degree of cholesterol. Fresh vegetables and fruits do not contain any cholesterol. High degree of cholesterol is linked with heart diseases. When there is some sort of accumulation in the arteries, the arteries become narrow. Arteries which are narrow could lead to heart attack or even stroke. Fibre is not categorized as a nutrient. still it is one of the essential components required in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Some fibres do help in

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