Drinking Carl and His Life Story

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Drinking Carl and His Life Story. The loss of his house assisted to elevate his consumption model. Arguably, the psychological model of addiction remains regarded as the best perception that captures on his addiction. However, perceiving the addiction as a disease will eventuate into not being the ultimate solution. Apparently, the previous models of address sought by Carl may have centered on the prospective description of his addiction under the disease model. It essential to detach the perception of Carl from the subsequent sense of guilt that is associated with the failures of his life. Counseling sessions aligned at adjusting his psychological perceptions of the challenges that faced his life may be regarded as being critical in the address of the addiction.

The psychodynamic theory of addiction was perceived as the model of choice in the address of predicament of Carl. The model proposes the addiction to be found on the progressive psychological deficiencies that are associated with the life of Carl. On that note, the primary interest of the respective rehabilitation session will focus on the allowing of the patient an opportunity to expound on the respective aspects of their life. The treatment plan will involve the commitment of the patient in the address of the elevated toxicity level. It remained apparent that the alcohols levels associated with Carl need to be mitigated prior to the commencement of the actual treatment. Such an accession assists in the shaping of the concerns that need to be embraced with respect to the prospective concern of the psychodynamic approach as an ideal model of the treatment.

The protocols of treatment will involve a reflection on the subsequent content of his Johari’s window. The region of interest will involve a focus on the mitigation of his facade and blind spot…

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