Discussion Interactions

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Discussion Interactions: A Thematic Reader, 8th ed., Ann Moseley and Jeanette Harris.duction, middle and end) Likewise, it enables them to read diverse perspectives on the same subjects in no time, which makes them less interested in reading the whole content of the book. According to their perspective, this superficial reading habit in youngsters is detrimental because it does not input any intellectual ability in them (385). On the other hand, pro-internet Readers claim that reading through internet is more enriching in a way that it provides straight to the point script, but it is presented in a conversation format where reader has to filter the desired topic from the written, visual and audio information. Which means the reader will require multiple skills (like browsing, intense focus, asserting diverse views and evaluating final perspective from them) to obtain information or read.In this essay Kimberly S. Young signifies how the internet addiction has changed the socializing culture for youngsters like college students. The loud parties in the past are now happening in “Chat rooms”, the ‘campus party spots’ have been replaced with ‘Computer terminals’. The obsession of internet has detrimentally impacted the grades, lifestyle choices and relationships of these college net-heads. Moreover, this internet obsession is also a cause of increased college drop-outs and students are ignorant about its detrimental effect on their lives due to its engrossing short term aura on them.Christine Rosen in her essay “Bad Connections” signifies the importance of switching off ego-boosting gadgets for the sake of common community benefit. According to her assertion, new technology has been made more human friendly, which is diminishing the lines between real and virtual reality (408). Moreover, these new gadgets with latest technological apps are making humans more ego-centric, demanding and emotionally sensitive/ weak. Lately, everybody is consumed in their individual agendas so much that they can hardly see how the virtues of patience,

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