Developmental observation

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses developmental observation and interview. M” picks one up and begins to read to the doll. From my vantage point, I can watch her while still speaking to the adults.Twenty minutes pass and the parents excuse themselves, but not before I have asked “M” to come to sit on the sofa with me. She looks to her mother and father to make sure it is ok, and they tell her to sit down. Informing “M” I am going to ask her some questions, she sits.We talk about her baby brother “CJ” and how he doesn’t like “M” – according to her viewpoint since he doesn’t smile when she’s near, like her cousin does, he must not like her. I let her know he is still young but most likely loves her quite a bit. Holding her book, “M”, I ask her about the story and if she would like to read it to me. She loves to read and is well above her reading comprehension for her age. Reading at what seems a fourth-grade level, her word pronunciation is excellent.

“M” is a typical girl, who loves dressing up and brushing hair – playing stylist to anyone who will let her braid, brush or style their hair. I allow her to brush my hair and sit on the floor to allow her better access. She begins pretending she is a hairdresser, telling me her baby brother is her own and that she doesn’t have a husband. I ask her why she doesn’t have a husband, and she states she doesn’t need one. Says it matter-of-fact.Playing hairdresser is her favorite game, and asking her if we can play another one – and that I brought some items I would like her assistance. I bring out the items – beads, glasses, and bowls, and set them on the coffee table. They immediately intrigue “M”. When I tell her there are going to be no wrong or right answers for these questions she seems overjoyed. I ask her if she has a hard time in school. She becomes a bit reserved again and shakes her head yes. Her teacher picks on her on the time to answer really hard questions and then tells her she is wrong when she gives an incorrect answer.

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