Destination marketing strategy- Patagonia

Write 12 page essay on the topic Destination marketing strategy- Patagonia.Tourism is the biggest contributor towards the economic growth of Patagonia. Being a shared geographical region, Patagonia is a mix of cultures of both Argentina and Chile. Patagonia is mostly known as one of the famous adventurous spots in the global travel and tourism industry. The region mainly provides three adventurous themes for visitors namely, mountains and valley which includes the Andes range, the Perito Moreno Glacier of Santa Cruz for skiing and other ice rides and finally the Leones Lake and sea kayaking activities (Adventure Travel Trade Association, 2013). With two coasts each lying on the western and eastern directions of Patagonia, both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans can be accessed from the region. The diverse range of attractions of Patagonia makes it the perfect spot for adventure seekers. Also, with over 500 hotels and resorts, the place provides safe and well accommodated features for customer stays (U.S. Commercial Service, 2012). The authorities of Patagonia consider the comfort of the passengers as one of the crucial responsibilities for the region and have well established hospitality standards.The tourism segment of Patagonia provides a diverse range of activities to its customers. The economic implications of the tourism activities are huge for Patagonia. The entire region has near about 47% of its revenues being generated from the tourism activities (Adventure Travel Trade Association, 2013). However, the destination is facing some critical challenges in maintaining its attractiveness. First issue related with the challenges is also an advantage for customer attraction of Patagonia. Hunting is one of the foremost activities which attract tourists and adventurers towards Patagonia. However, increasing environmental laws and the pressure from local and global environmental authorities and animal lovers is increasing which….

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