Design game in education

Compose a 1250 words assignment on design game in education. The use of games to learn has been in use for ages. Are quizzes, puzzles, crosswords not game enough? If yes then why the criticism on using advancing technology in games to learn? The author specifically mentions the Debating Game to learn. Games offer a more all-around “authentic” understanding of a concept which is far better than the traditional way of learning.Under the same section of comprehending the process of applying games to the learning process, the book discusses the ten areas of discipline, also recognized as Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL). Certain challenges face DGBL and in the next five years, these will be some of the challenges.When the first step of comprehending games and the learning processes is somewhat accomplished then comes the more technical step which seriously tests the gamers and technicians. Game designers, SMEs, Instructional designers, and game investors also pop aspirin because striking a balance between fun and learning is not an easy task. For instance, if after a heavily funded game is developed and is very rewarding in terms of creating new connections among brain neurons but is no fun – at all? People don’t pick up joysticks and game controllers to practice calculus, they escape into a new dimension, a realm that lets them engage in emotions and thrills which they don’t normally experience in real life, like shooting down a plane with an RPG while gliding from a parachute.Speaking of designing a game, what kind of designs are successful among gamers? Layered designs have remained popular among gamers as it gives them the ability to communicate with each other in the language which covers all areas of gaming – characteristics of the design. And they do this without having to refer to the designer’s assertions unnecessarily.What is it that single factor that distinguishes games from other forms of communication? It is the ability of games to breakdown complex information into bite-size pieces. And the speed at which a gaming experience delivers this information is amazing. It’s this flexibility that has many educators including the author of this book hooked on to researching the process of how to implement it quickly in mainstream education.

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