Cyber Worlds

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Cyber Worlds.People have different arguments on this controversial issue some considering it as worthwhile while others viewing it as not safe and cost ineffective.Most people view prisoners as outcasts in the community and argue that they should not be treated well. Most countries do not allow inmates to have access to the internet arguing that it insecure and that they will not feel the pain of the sentence. They also say that access to internet may lead to them planning their way out since they can plan with people from outside. Denying inmates the chance to access the internet could also create more time for them to carry out other activities. Removing the family ties by no access to internet could also help them reform by feeling the pain that comes with being away from their families. Most prisons work under a tight budget and therefore removing the cost due to internet access could save much in the end.Prisons without internet access have been ranked top in terms of discipline in the prison and discipline of the prisoners in the outside world after the jail term is over. Internet tends to destroy morals of people in general and prisoners are not an exception. Therefore lack of access to internet reduces the chances of moral destruction .access to internet could also give inmates a chance to smuggle drugs by contacting the sellers of drugs. Access to the internet could also lead to the inmates keeping up with the criminal activities that are being incarcerated. Inmates have also been found taunting their victims through social media and lack of internet access could eliminate this. However, the disadvantages of denying internet access to inmates are very insignificant as compared to the advantages that it comes with.Inmates are human beings and they deserve to be treated like the rest of citizens (Bowden ,4).Prisons should be viewed as rehabilitation centers rather than centres of punishment. They should be

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