Complete 14 page APA formatted essay: Can Cyber-Love Attain Genuinely and Divinity.Of course, it’s a question of debate that how many times these critics become stupid and blind in their lives. Love changed in course of time along with the human civilization. It changed but it existed with new forms but didn’t disappear. In ancient time the lover and beloved would indulge in love affairs in a very romantic way.

Writing letters and expressing the intense passion for each other was the common process. These letters would be sent by some faithful friends or sometimes through the pigeons also. Sending love letters by the pigeons sounds funny but it would happen in ancient time. In one romantic Sanskrit drama written by the great poet and Indian Scholar Kalidas expresses a very uncommon romanticism in his drama called “Meghdoot.” ‘Meghdoot’ means the cloud as a messenger Here in this drama Kalidas has depicted a very beautiful picture of a lover who is yearning to meet his beloved. She is thousands kilometer away from him. He sends his deep and intense feelings for her and he conveys the message to the beloved through a cloud i.e. Megh. Here the Megh or the cloud is the messenger of the sad lover. Skillful lovers use different skills and tactics for fulfilling their love.

Bauman Zygmunt in his chapter, “Falling in and out of love” describes that love (falling in love, soliciting love) is a skill to be learned and the mastery of skill grows with the number of experiments and assiduity of exercise.” (p.g.5 ‘falling in love and out’) The Internet is the most popular medium of expressing love and getting the lover through just a machine.For fulfilling almost all of the needs modern generation relies on the machine. Love is also not an exception to that.

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