Cultural role of celebrity

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: What is the cultural role of celebrity. Celebrity culture entails popularizing some individuals who pose some certain attributes that are deemed exceptional by the society. In the modern world, such attributes may not or maybe exceptional. Back in the days of actresses, actors, producers, authors, singers, dancers and sportspersons, individuals needed to poses certain virtues and talents to be known throughout the globe. Now it is common for individuals to be well recognized and in celebrity magazines and television talks as a result of their belligerent self-promotion and unethical behaviour. Since the past five decades, hundreds of science fictions and fantasy conventions have been organized from around the world (Lynch, 2007). They have been fuelled by the appearance of directors, actors, writers and designers promoting their latest projects, having their pictures taken, responding to questions of varying obscurity and signing autographs for the thousands of fans. Stardom is all about acknowledging the position and status of celebrity in society. People sometimes become famous by dating someone of high status or entering reality TV. Unfortunately, celebrity culture will always have an impact on our society. Social media has enabled celebrities to be constantly in the media, they have become role models for teenagers and adolescents. Attention towards celebrity culture makes for a multi-billion industry in personality sites. This has raised a number of issues, many of them contentious and causes major debates pertaining to the power of the famed individuals.

Charisma is a behavioural quality that can be developed by any individual and not just celebrities. Charisma is a force of personal presence, the force of character or gravitas. Talented celebrities with charisma tend to be listened .to, noticed, followed and respected. A strong charismatic individual presence is important for teaching, leading, speaking, selling and the relationship of all sorts. Having a charismatic force of character is important for defending others and for complaining, negotiating and seeking redness especially when directed to individuals of higher authorities or people who believe they are better than you. 

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