Cross-cultural communication and negotiation

Cross-cultural communication and negotiation, strategy formulation and implementation. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.There are communities that do not take lightly things such as bribes and payments that are questionable. On the other hand, others take this as a good gesture and it is their culture to give bribes or some sort of payments whenever a negotiation is going on. Gifts or monetary payments while negotiating in international business are required in gaining a positive action from officials in different governments. Yet this same move might cost one if applied in communities that do not take it lightly and consider it unacceptable. For instance, FCPA does prohibit a company that is US-based from giving any offering in form of money or in kind to a government official in a foreign country so as to get favors or win contracts. The other issue is how people in different cultures view joint ventures and strategic alliances. Some of the partners to an alliance may have a short term view of doing business for quick gains and benefits to the business. Such a strategy would require that only short-lived agreements are reached. On the other hand, there are people who believe in long-term development of business that has prospects for satisfactory profits in business. The joint venture negotiations end up failing if the two parties have differing views on the life of the business strategy (Sheppard 1-7).Formulation of a consistent and working strategy when facing a negotiation across culture could be quite tasking to a management team. Its implementation is also no easier. Many factors relating to inter-cultural issues do affect the success or failure of a negotiation strategy employed. If not successfully implemented, formulated strategies may fail. Their implementation therefore depends on how effective one applies his or her knowledge of cross-cutting factors among different cultural groups involved in the process. Institutional based relationships are also important when it comes to strategy formulation and implementation. These relate to relationships

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