Crisis and how to handle the situation

Address the following questions (even if you choose yourself as CEO to make the statements):      – Please begin your essay assignment with an introduction for the reader about the crisis and how best to handle the situation.  – Formulate your crisis message using the Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) model.   – What are the essential elements of an effective spokesperson in a crisis?- What criteria are considered in selecting that particular person?  – Why do you think it would be important to have a well-trained spokesperson speak for the corporation during a crisis such as this one?   – Why might the media wish to speak with frontline employees during a crisis?   – How would you, as CEO, correct erroneous information given out by the spokesperson?  Research sources to support your ideas. Your essay should be a minimum of two-pages in APA format. You must include a minimum of two sources, at least one source from the CSU Online Library.

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