Criminal Procedures

Write a 3 page essay on Criminal Procedures. Means reasonably reliable information to suspect there is a reasonable probability that a person has carried out a crime, or that a search will lead to evidence (Lerner, 2002).

Officer Smith had a sensible suspicion that was in light of the totality of the circumstances as explained by those versed in the field of law requirement. It is usually portrayed as something more than a hunch yet not as much as reasonable justification. The answer to this question is yes. Officer Smith did have sensible suspicion to make the initial stop of the vehicle. Since the taillight seemed, by all accounts, to break against which is a traffic law violation.

Additionally, Officer Smith recalled a vehicle that matched the general depiction of the car that she stopped. This car resembles the vehicle that had suspicion in a recent roadside killing of another police officer.An officer may order a motorist to step out of a car to ensure the officer’s safety. The police officer may carry out a pat-down search to ensure there are no weapons. The “pat-down” is a snappy hunt of a person’s being to determine if any weapons are present (Carlos, 2010). An officer may perform a quest for weapons without a warrant even without reasonable justification when the officer sensibly accepts that the individual may armed or dangerous. Officer Smith’s pat-down was legal because it was necessary to ensure her safety considering that the officer had enough background to think that the person had involvement in the armed crime. Officer Smith conducted a pat-down that obliges a sensible suspicion the suspect has the equipment. Since the general depiction of the vehicle that murdered another officer fit, the same vehicle Officer Smith pulled over she had the right to pat-down the driver for his safety.

Critical elements can have a definition as an especially pressing or urgent law enforcement need and a convincing requirement for authority activity and no time to secure a warrant (Carlos,

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