Corporate Social Responsibility

Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Corporate Social Responsibility. As employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and the public form a society, the corporate entities as corporate citizens are expected to conduct themselves in a socially responsible manner also with all their financial might. It has been reported that in the last 30 years, nearly 1/3 of the world’s natural resources have been lost because of corporations’ industrial activities. (Friends of the earth)The aim of the social responsibility is to effect a higher and higher standard of living while at the same maintaining the profitability of the corporation (Hopkins) Therefore corporate social responsibility involves community, environment, ethics, human rights, responsibility in the market, vision and values, and workforce. We are immediately concerned with the environment. This involves management decision making in respect of production processes that minimize negative impacts on the environment and the costs.Environmental problems have been with us for quite a long time as a result of the interaction between man and nature. In modern times, the scale of the problems is unique arising from two aspects. One, the rapid expansion of the world population and second ever-increasing consumption of energy and material per person in addition to the past-accumulated damage. The environment encompasses all components of our surroundings i.e. the air we breathe, the habitat we dwell in and the food and drinks we take. The energy of milk we drink originates from grass and crops driving force behind which is the solar energy, converted to chemical energy by photosynthesis. In effect, the ecology around us has to be preserved. From an ecological point of view, all are interconnected i.e. the waste produced by man pollutes meadows and returned to mankind by the food chain. Different organisms i.e. man and cow compete for the same resources (crops) and one organism (man) acts as a predator for another (cow). Environmental care does not stop at national boundaries. Air circulation and river flow having no boundaries and migration of people and animals and large scale import and export of food,&nbsp. impact the environment.&nbsp. Pollution is the direct cause of environmental damage.&nbsp.

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