Controls and  Functions & Arrays General

“Programming Homewrok 1 (C++) ” : :  Controls and  Functions & Arrays General:                    1) You may form into groups of no more than 3                                    2) Put enough comments to make the program flow apparent                                    3) Provide your flow charting, pseudo code, and the actual C program code                                    4) Provide alternate solution to your problems                                    5) One project report [hard copy] for the team is required at the beginning of class ofProblem1)   (a) Using the nested for loops, find the factorials of even numbers between 14 – 2                         (b) Find the squares  of  even numbers between – 18  to  18 : Design your square function;                      (c ) Find the cubes of odd numbers between  +18  to  -18 : Design your cube function;      (d) Find 4th power of all  integer   numbers between  – 18  to +18 using  the above square and                                                              .                         cube functions; Problem 2)   (a)  Repeat problem 1 with while loops, or switch statements, or methods of your choice     .                             such as:  nested if-else, or combination of any of them.Conclusion:                           Provide an analysis of which of the methods (problem 1 or problem 2) are  more                             efficient and easy to maintain.  Give your reasons.

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