Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology

I need help with completing second part of my assignment. Title of Assignment: Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology which requires to choose Topic Selection, Problem Statement, and Metrics. I chose Phishing Public Education and training as topic selection.Bellow is what I have done so far:The study in this article illustrates the increasing number of spam victims which many people complain about attack of personal information leakage . Many people have became victims of personal information while purchasing goods by using their information or credit card information. The study from the article found out that all this personal information leakage attack is causing with phishing by using the social engineering attack. And according to the Threats Report of the security company, McaAfee in the third quarter of 20112, the total number of the menacing URL in the world which divides the malicious code to the phishing sites was counted with 43,400,000 cases in the third quarter of 2012 . Which means 20% increased preparation in the second quarter of 2012, and the domain name of the URL showed 23,700,000 cases , and it increased maximum 50% compared to the existing preparation. In addition, the article shows that the average number of monthly and newly discovered menancing URL was 2,700,000 cases. Also, according to security company, Kaspersky Lab, the forged search and e-mail service, social network, financial institutions and online store were used for the Phishing often. And the number of the internet users who experienced the phishing attack increased by 87% from 1,990,000 to 37,300,000 people in recent years. The Phishing attack through the spam e-mail as the existing phishing attack increase from 10.23 to 12.09 % in 2012, and the methods and range increased through the communication between computers such as Website or messaging system.  Many people think wrong that hackers only attack companies not individual. It is our responsibilities both general users and public institutions to become aware and getting ready for Phishing in daily lives. In order to against Phishing tricks, I agreed that individual users must be prepare for tricks which there should be public education about Phishing.I need additional ideas to make sure I have answered all the 6 Questions below.1. Research the historical, social, professional, ethical, and legal aspects of your discipline. Identify a problem facing the world today and create problem statement. The problem statement should be objective, backed by statistics, clear, and concise. The problem scope and affected population should be inherent to the problem statement.2. Rationale: Analyze the social and professional context of your discipline. Provide a one paragraph explanation of why the topic is important, both to you personally and to the profession, as well as its effect on the professional and ethical environment.3.Vision Statement: Include a version of the world where the problems remains unsolved as well as a version of the world if the problem is solved.4. Metrics: Provide measurements that describe the problem’s severity and that let you know if the problem is solved.5. Factors: Define the factors that affect your problem.6. Create data acquisition plan: Include your keywords and how you are going to find data on your problem statement.

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