Cloud Gate by Mr. Anish Kapoor

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Cloud Gate by Mr. Anish Kapoor.The Artist has used stainless steel as the medium of art. The artist has welded up about 168 pieces of stainless steel to make on giant work of art. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron. which cannot be stained but it loses it color and shows finger prints. The chromium in mixed in the alloy to make hard oxide coating on the surface. without the coating it becomes rust liker regular steel. The substance is hard and can be molded into any shape. The piece of art is placed at one of the most prime locations of Chicago. the reflective exterior would mirror the Chicago skyline. whereas its oval shape would twist and distort the image which is reflected. whereas, if a visitor would walk, the surface acts looks like a mirror of any funhouse as it reshapes the images. The underneath of the sculptor act as an indention whose mirror surface would provide numerous reflections of the subject situated below them. Sculptor is a form of art that is to create representational or abstract form, which can be of any shape. These form of arts does not tell a story. and the diversity in art is bought by the material and shapes used. Art is in the mind. these are ideas which are interpreted and then designed. Sculptor art is the most difficult art form. and if we include the size they represent a high level of imaginations.

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