Children from single-child families

Compose a 1750 words assignment on communication characteristics of children from single-child families. Second, the only child acquires the entire public, touching, and matter resources those parents have to provide. He/she is their only recipient. As parents usually make a high venture in fostering and providing for the child, they often have high hope of return. They look forward to the child to produce well. Thirdly, the only child has unrivaled right of entry to parents and all they provide because the only child has no siblings with whom to bond, to be matched up to, to struggle against, or to contradict, the child turns out to be adultized from recognizing and interacting with these primary parental companions. Emotionally involved to parents and well reared by them, the only child obtains a lot of parental consideration, warmth, recognition, and support that possibly contribute to one of the more reliable research findings (The adolescent only child). Family communication methods vary among parents of diverse demographic sections as well as among diverse twosome relationships. Parents with an advanced education level and families with advanced household earnings connected more often in concept-leaning communication (Chan and McNeal). This study will emphasize the communication traits of children from single-child families in China under the one-child policy. The one-child policy was recognized in China by Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese leader in 1979 to restrict socialist Chinas population expansion (Rosenberg). According to Lu, Jia, and Heisey (2002), the youngsters who are from single-child families are more probable to be occupied in the family acquisition activities than those who are not. They asserted that young people who are from notion-oriented families have more probability to be engaged in family obtaining activities than those who are not. They also viewed that those youngsters who have more monetary resources have a high chance to be involved in family purchasing behavior than those who are not.Chen and Ma (2002) assessed that there is an exclusive family self-motivation in the single-child family.

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