Career Trends Assignment

Need an argumentative essay on Career Trends Assignment (Restaurant and Hospitality Management). Needs to be 2 pages. (3) Social trends is another factor that affects career growth where fads and shifts in social philosophies outlines which industries are more or less demanding career-wise .(4) Population affects career trends given that people of different age, gender and, education have varying demand of goods and services.On this, people are able to outline what jobs falls on the path for them to satisfy their demands. (5) Politics and economic factors outline policies that direct the flow of goods and services in the market, and inflation factors that affect hiring rates. (6) Life roles apart from being employed people play other roles in life e.g. parenting, student, or childhood. How we think about them may influence how we look at careers in general and how we make choice in our lives (All Star Directories, 2011).The above factors are important in career trends, especially in the hospitality industry. Hospitality industry being a day-to-day industry requires skilled and trained personnel to be involved. Economic globalization in this industry, where people of different cultures need our services, provides room for career growth in linguistics. New technology brings about more skilled personnel to embrace it in the industry (Jitendra, 2008). It creates career growth for persons to take a career path in adapting the new technology in this industry. Demographic here means that more people will have high demand for our services. Social trends in philosophies influence peoplesÂ’ habits. It opens new doors, example on emphasis on living a healthy life or taking rest will make people look for hotels where these factors are essential. Careers will be open for people to learn on how the philosophies affect the industry (Jitendra, 2008).There are a number of career trends in the hotel with predictable outcomes. First is where employers are raising the educational bar. This has made many colleges that use

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