Buy American Requirements

Write 6 page essay on the topic Buy American Requirements.and any form of assembly at the construction site is not considered “Produced in the United States.”iii) What is not regulated – this category comprises of raw materials other that iron and/or steel, non-manufactured goods that are not either iron or steel, the origin of component and the sub-components parts of manufactured goods, and Loan and Grant Funds that was intended for the purchase of equipment ONLY. iv) Concerning construction bidding and contract documents – advertisement for bids is expected to be funded in whole or part with funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the use of these funds are applicable only when all the iron, steel, and manufactured goods are produced in the U.S. The contract on information for bidders and supplemental general conditions are also funded in part or whole by ARRA in accordance with Section 1605 of the ARRA (funds are used only if all the iron, steel, and manufactured goods are produced in the US).

As was discussed previously, VectorCal is an already established firm that provides security services to governmental departments, the private sector, and individuals through drone navigation. DroveIn is also intended to perform theses duties, in addition to the provision of services that are not available from VectorCal. These services include the development of more user-friendly, wholesome, and affordable drones and the creation of a long-term relationship with the customers using a quantitative model (Deberg, 2011). Just like VectorCal, my company (DroneIn) will most probably develop its drones using iron and steel, and other manufactured items produced in the United States. Thus, these two firms may benefit from the Buy American Requirements in the following ways:

1) They are profit-making organizations and are thus, not impacted by these requirements. This implies that there will be no requirement for the components and….

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