Brief narrative for each data flow diagram

I need two to three pages of text to the diagrams in section 2.3 of attached document. Be sure to include essential administrative functions is included in diagram. Write a brief narrative for each data flow diagram explaining the data flow. Indicate the entity’s priority level (A, B, C – explained below), all preconditions, post-conditions and triggers for the entities. Briefly describe all actors (users, systems, or organizations) who interact with the system, as indicated in the diagram. Do not assume that the meaning of any entity, actor, or function is obvious to the reader; the descriptions must be very clear and unambiguous. Note: Each entity must be assigned a priority: A – Essential for system operation. B – Not essential for system operation but would add significant value to system’s users or stakeholders. C – Would add some small, but real or perceived value to the system’s users or stakeholders.

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