Bribery in Saudi Arabia

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Business Aticatetion and bribery in Saudi Arabia is rife but it is all because the Saudis “have different way of doing business and that has also contributed to the western perception.” Giving the genesis of the complaints the westerns he says that this perception was developed in the oil boom years and in modernization drive. Actually, those were the Americans European corporations which paid the huge bribes to the well connected Saudi agent to get lucrative deals in the kingdom. The complaints have become less common as the western have grown more familiar with the Saudi ways and it is relatively a “calmer business environment.” The reason of dying out the above mentioned perceptions was the “availability of excess cash” which helped promoting wasteful consumption. In the subheading “Business Ethics” (207) Well says, “ the bottom line is that what a Western observer call bribery or influencing paddling does not have the same taint to Saudi. For the Saudi, providing a personal connection as legitimate business service, for which it is natural to expect be paid. In the past, payment has meant whatever the market would bear——— in other words, whatever you can get away with. But in recent years, the Saudi government—- sensitive to the Western cries of corruption—— has regulated agents “fee” more closely. ——– For some observes, ‘corrupt” mean departing from locally accepted norms of behavior, in which case the Saudis are merely following their own cultural traditions. Such practices, indeed, are common throughout the Middle East. You might have a less forgiving view, but that’s your business. Literally.”

Well coins a phrase of “mental compartment” to explain the pattern of thinking of the Saudis. “What this means is that the Saudis tend to see a choice from only one point of view at a time, and to ignore its possible consequences in different areas.”(214)Riad is of the view “since its[Saudi Arabia] out of the former Ottoman

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