Book Bunker: online strategy

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Book Bunker: online strategy.This organization has not developed its website till date and was not involved in any kind of e-marketing activities. So a proper plan is required in this regard to increase the number of customers as well as percentage of profitability in the business.In the present days most of the people will go online and search their required products and information about related companies in the internet before making a purchase decision. A huge percentage of customers are placing their purchase order through online. So website is very much essential in the era of competition. A company cannot achieve competitive advantages if it fails to represent its offered products or services through its website. The company can approach its products to large number of customersÂ’ within very short span of time. Book Bunker is such kind of organization which has no website facility for its customers. The owners of this organization now want to develop a proper website so that volume of business can be increased in both online and offline mode. Now some features needs to be developed at the time of creating website of this organization. At first e-marketing and e-commerce consultant should concentrate on the overall framework and interface of website. Top bar, left panel, content area, right panel, footer etc should be included in the structure of interface (Albee, 2009). Content area should be updated with current information. Top bar will focus on the brand name of this organization and all the accessible links. Left panel will focus on the key areas and content of the website. Right panel will provide the facility to search information by using key words. Again this will also show related news, external websites, links to internal pages and other relevant documents of this organization. An eye-catching design should be developed to attract customers. The design should not be

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