Body Shop analysis

Body Shop analysis. Write a 2000 word paper answering; She has relentlessly fought for her principles and has ensured that Body Shop products are produced ethically. They not only endorse environment conservation but the natural ingredients within the products are obtained from people and places where employment opportunities have been created for the benefit of people. South east Asia, Africa, Brazl, Mexico etc have been major suppliers of the raw products for Body shop.&nbsp.Anita Roddick has been focused on its action plans and decision making processes that have highlighted its core competency of promoting natural ingredients in cosmetics. Indeed, her vision and mission have been aligned to the organizational strategic goals and objectives. The sustainable business practice, environment friendly products and effective corporate social responsibility has been its hallmark of success. Body Shop has also taken cudgels against animal testing in R&amp.D. The company used strong corporate communication practices to promote awareness for environment through sustainable development and sustainable business practice. Indeed, it has become one of its key motivating elements for its customers who like to endorse its products and services.The natural ingredients are best things for rejuvenating body and soul. 2.&nbsp.The business must follow sustainable business practiceThe company believes that raw materials for its huge range of beauty products must come from sustainable sources that promote social responsibility and sense of accountability towards society.

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