Blogging Emerging Technologies

Write the following article on Blogging Emerging Technologies. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The dynamics of Web 2.0 have been modified to reflect the true purpose of creating new avenues of communication that have never been utilized. The whole essence of Web 2.0 is to generate means of cloud computing in which collaboration and discussion is encouraged. In this particular scenario, blogs can be critical towards achieving Salford Sports Village goals. One of the critical things to implement in order to thrive in blogging is understand search optimization engine key words. In essence, search engines such as Google tend to send “spider bots” that crawl and search for key words whenever an individual types in the Google search bar. A successful blogger must understand this technique and use it to their advantage. Blogging for this specific purpose is to clearly transition from subject matter to another subject in a very transitive manner. For example, blogging should be conducted and discussing the advantages of sports and community. Using keywords such as sports, community, football, street, parks and recreation, stress reliever can tremendously help. Another huge element towards expanding this horizon is offering free services. For instance, giving a free view of upcoming programs in the community can really engage all the individuals, which can boost clicks on the webpage. The best thing Suzane can do is write something along the lines of “ Today, I have realized that the parks and recreation center needs drastic improvements. I had a brilliant opportunity to visit the Glenside Public District which has transformed the dynamics of their recreation. They have implemented a senior center that has been a catalyst for healthy aging. The kids have an amazing new playground that accommodates to their needs. Moreover, creating a playground for the kids is a long-term investment because it will add value to the community. Since tax money already is allocated, hiring construction workers will also raise employment and the value of the community. One of the key things to exploit is to get sponsorship from outside vendors. Suzanne must overcome the challenge of a budget and seek outside resources through blogs, videos, audio podcasts that will continue to grab attention. Blog post 2 – Write a blog post (100+ words) that embeds a relevant image and/or video combines with text that shows Suzanne Bolt how visual media can help her achieve Salford Sports Village goals, 21 November Deadline for posting for maximum marks (paste the blog post url into the Reflection section of your assignment – see page 3) The best way to advertise oneself is through youtube because of many reasons. First and foremost, Youtube allows individuals to sign up for a policy in which the user uploads videos that Youtube will compensate the user for. Moreover by clicking the subscription button, individuals are allowed to penetrate the online community because people will constantly receive updates on new videos posted.

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